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14-year-old Nigerian bags Young CEO Award in US



The mayor of the City of Newark, New Jersey, in the United States of America, Ras J. Baraka has honoured fourteen-year-old Nigerian Kanyeyachukwu Tagbo Okeke living with autism with the Young CEO Award.

The mayor honoured Kanyeyachukwu on Sunday during the 8th Annual Nigerian Independence Day celebration and the grand event titled ‘The New Nigeria Strategic Plan on Reform for the Economy (S.P.O.R.E.)’ 2023.

The S.P.O.R.E. Leader’s Summit 2023 was in collaboration with Lord & Nikes with the theme: ‘Charting the Course for a New Nigeria’.

In a letter signed by Mayor Baraka, Kanyeyachukwu was honoured for his diligence and devotion on every level and for the leadership and inspiration he continues to provide for his people.


“We are also proud to acknowledge you for the many contributions that you have already made and will continue to make, and for the strong foundation and ethical values that you are building and will continue to build in this journey,” Mayor Baraka stated.

The Council Member-At-Large of the City of Newark, Louis Scott-Roundtree, in a signed letter, appreciated Kanyeyachukwu for his ongoing service, leadership work, and determination to assist the surrounding communities as they move to improve the quality of life for others.

“I know you will continue to be an inspiration to us all. I am excited to see you reap the fruits of your efforts, and I have no doubt that your impact will leave a lasting legacy,” Scott-Roundtree stated.

Furthermore, the clerk of the City of Newark, Kecia Daniels, in a signed document, stated that members of the Newark Municipal Council were happy to accept Kanyeyachukwu as an honouree of the Lord & Nikes 8th Annual Nigerian Independence Day Celebration 2023.

According to the organisers of the event, Mrs Nike Awoleye, the New Nigeria S.P.O.R.E. initiative emphasises the nation’s commitment to ensuring growth and prosperity for its people by fostering discussions and collaborations around the country’s economic reforms.


Kanyeyachukwu, who hails from Amichi in Anambra State, was born in Calgary, Canada, to Mr and Dr Tagbo-Okeke. He is a painter whose art and career distinguished him from his peers.

He has been recognised globally in the creative art world and the world of those living with special needs as an advocate of diversity and inclusion.

In 2019, he was honoured as a recipient of the Nigerian Independence Day Award for Social Bravery.

In line with his advocacy works, his works are found on the walls of several embassies in Nigeria and foreign mission headquarters in various parts of the world.

Kanyeyachukwu’s works and paintings have been exhibited in New York, Washington DC, Malta, and at the OPEC Fund for International Development art exhibition in Vietnam, Austria.


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