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    Abroad is not for the faint-hearted – TBoss shades Netizens planning to Japa

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    Abroad is not for the faint-hearted – TBoss shades Netizens planning to Japa

    The ‘advisor’ trend among Netizens who have relocated abroad has generated reactions among a few celebrities with reality TV star, TBoss weighing in on the trend.

    Netizens abroad tagged as ‘Japa-ed people’ often take to social media to give updates and comparisons about life in the diaspora. While many discourage those at home not to relocate (using the term Japa), others advise on the steps to take before relocating.

    Sharing her opinion on the Japa syndrome that has engulfed most Netizens, TBoss noted that abroad is not for the faint-hearted and advised that those planning to Japa listen to them.

    TBoss shades those planning to Japa

    She wrote: Ps: All your friends who have “japa-ed” and have turned Abroad Specialists & constantly giving y’all ‘Updates’, Listen to them. If you like don’t. Na you sabi. Abroad is not for the faint of heart.

    Nigerians/Africans- we’re truly spoilt. You think you will have a ‘house girl’ to baff your child or give you egusi and pounded yam at the end of a really tough day?

    I laugh in Eskimo language. Think am well before you buy that ticket or sell off your properties. And arrange your monies- for jacket, gloves, shawl, boots, cap and then everything else cos when that Freezing breeze slap you, you go dey beg for that heat wey almost melt your face the other day.

    Nkechi Blessing slams UK Japa advisers on social media

    Months back, NaijaOne recalls that Nkechi Blessing weighed in on the Japa-ed advisers on social media.

    Contrary to TBoss, the controversial actress noted that since the UK broader has been opened to Nigerians, those who have successfully relocated have become overnight immigration officers who come to social media to dish unsolicited advice on how to Japa.

    She said: “Ever since UK border open border for Nigerians, everyday UK this…you want to come to the UK? Ogini…e kon dey make me be like say I never go the UK before or I no get passport.

    “No be the same UK wey dey my passport wey I never even see chance to go? Ah! (Infuse Igbo language)Una don kon make US and Canada be like say them no dey exist again.

    “Any small thing if you want to come to the UK you gotta do this…you gotta do that..ogini what is it…kilo ṣẹlẹ , kilo ṣẹlẹ gan gan kilo de, é dé je ká simi , let’s breathe , what is it? Ah! Well hmmm…I don’t want to use my mouth and say bad thing sha,but ah! people wey open border for una well, it is well o…ah”.


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