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Aliu Gafar impresses in Adunni Ade’s new film ‘Eefin’


Aliu Gafar, the multiple award-winning Yoruba actor, continues to make waves in the Nigerian movie industry with his exceptional performance in Adunni Ade’s new film, ‘Eefin’ (Smoke).

Renowned for his roles in the Yoruba genre, Gafar’s latest portrayal reaffirms his position as a top actor in the industry.

In ‘Eefin,’ Gafar plays Alhaji Kamal, the husband of the talkative and tale-bearer wife, Idaya, portrayed by Adunni Ade herself.

The film tells the story of three couples on a weekend getaway to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Idaya and Alhaji Kamal.

While they anticipate a fun-filled stay, especially for the social media-obsessed Idaya, hidden secrets soon surface, threatening to unravel their marriages.

Alhaji Kamal initially appears as an innocent and godly figure, but as the plot unfolds, his darker side is revealed. The shocking discovery of Kamal’s secret life leaves viewers in awe.

Gafar’s nuanced performance brings depth to this complex character, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences and bring intricate stories to life.

With nearly two decades in the industry, Gafar has appeared in numerous award-winning films, including those he has produced himself.

Notable works include ‘Peregun,’ where he won the Best Actor award at the Dallas International Yoruba Movies Awards, ‘Aníkúlápó,’ and ‘Jagun Jagun.’

His continued success is a testament to his dedication and talent.

In addition to his role in ‘Eefin,’ Gafar has recently starred in ‘Omo Ajele,’ a culturally themed Yoruba movie currently streaming on YouTube.

After returning from a vacation in Canada, where he attended events like the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and visited places like Othership, Soulpepper Theatre, Scarborough Bluffs, and the Royal Ontario Museum, Gafar was immediately cast by the popular Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham for the film ‘Iyalode.’

He is also gearing up for the sequel to Femi Adebayo’s award-winning Netflix film, ‘Jagun Jagun.’

‘Eefin,’ meaning Smoke in Yoruba, is derived from the adage “Eefin ni iwa,” which translates to “one’s character is like smoke; it can’t be hidden.”

This proverb perfectly encapsulates the film’s central theme of hidden secrets and their inevitable revelation.

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