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BREAKING NEWS: Aero Contractors Plane Develops Fault Mid Air ENROUTE Abuja



An Aero Contractors airplane returned to Abuja airport after developing mechanical fault midair on Wednesday.

The Aero Contractors’ plane, which was headed for Port Harcourt, has returned to Abuja airport after experiencing mechanical problem on Wednesday while in flight.

ENIGERIA learned that the flight had already departed when the pilot chose to turn around and bring the aircraft back to base because of certain problems.

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One of the passengers who spoke to our correspondent said, “Good morning , Kindly thank God for my colleague and I from delivering us from what would have been an air mishap on our way to Port-Harcourt.

“The Aero flight developed a fault in mid air and had to return to Abuja. we have landed safely to the glory of God.”

Aero Contractors Airline has unveiled a new product dubbed the Pro-Ranger device in an effort to improve on-time performance and speed up passenger boarding procedures.

At a recent news conference in Lagos, Aero Contractors Airline’s Chika Ubendu, Head of Commercial, and Peter Omata, Head of Ground Operations, made the announcement.

They asserted that Aero was the first company to bring the Pro-Ranger device to the domestic market, and they added that 31 of these devices had been purchased for Aero’s entire network of routes, along with workers that had been properly educated to use the equipment.


Speaking on the new device, Omata said, “The Pro-Ranger expedites boarding procedures and once the boarding procedure is enhanced, invariably on-time performance would be efficient and there would be no delays.

“In a bid to reposition Aero Contractors, we have thought it wise as one of the leading airlines in Nigeria to launch one of the products that would enhance our mode of operations. As you are all aware, one of the cardinal things in aviation is passenger facilitation. we have acquired the mobile Pro-Ranger. It is a device that aids facilitation and it has other functionalities that make the working process seamless and to make passengers enjoy their stay when travelling with aero contractors.”



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