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Globacom denies owing MTN, disputes NCC’s public notice

Nigeria’s telecommunications giant, Globacom Ltd, has vehemently contested allegations of owing MTN interconnect charges, refuting claims made in a public pre-disconnection notice by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) on Monday, January 8th. According to Glo, the disputed N1.6 billion has been promptly settled without any complications.

The NCC’s notice, issued by Director of Public Affairs Reuben Muoka, cited Globacom’s recurrent failure to clear outstanding debts, prompting the regulatory body’s approval for the partial disconnection of Glo from MTN services. The notice highlighted that upon careful examination, Glo lacked substantial or justifiable reasons for non-payment of interconnect charges.

In response, an official from Glo emphasized the need for a thorough verification of facts before reaching conclusions. The official categorically stated, “We are not owing MTN any interconnect charges,” asserting that the allegations against the entirely indigenous telecommunications company are unfounded.

Glo, known for pioneering pay-per-second billing in Nigeria, played a pivotal role in breaking the monopoly held by foreign telecom companies. The official underscored the importance of dispelling misconceptions and urged stakeholders to recognize Glo’s significant contributions to the Nigerian telecommunications landscape.

The public notice issued by NCC outlined the regulatory actions, stating that at the expiration of ten days from January 8, 2024, subscribers of Globacom would no longer be able to make calls to MTN but would still be able to receive calls.

The dispute highlights the complexities and challenges within the telecommunications industry, with both companies presenting divergent views on the matter. As the situation unfolds, industry stakeholders and subscribers await further developments and clarifications from the involved parties.

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