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“How is London any different from Lagos? – Nkechi Blessing fumes after getting Stuck in traffic for 1 hour



Popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has taken to social media to express her astonishment after experiencing a lengthy traffic jam in London, suggesting that the traffic situation there may not be all that different from Lagos, Nigeria.

The Nigerian movie star, who is currently in London, shared her traffic ordeal in Plumstead, a district in the United Kingdom’s capital, where she claimed to have been stuck in traffic for nearly an hour with no cars moving.

In a social media post, she expressed her surprise and wondered how London, a European country, could have traffic problems similar to those regularly witnessed in Lagos.

Nkechi Blessing took to her social media platform to voice her frustration.


She wrote;

“How this una London take different from Lagos now? Almost 1 hour inside traffic…SMH!!!”

In other news, Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend has silenced all the naysayers as the couple reconciles in a heartwarming video shared on his Instagram page.

The couple ignited split rumors a few days ago when they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

In addition, the pair had stopped liking and commenting on each other’s postings, and Nkechi had behaved abnormally by not celebrating her man’s endorsement deal success.


Nkechi had posted a mysterious message about speaking the truth, which had stoked the speculations even further.

The actress hinted at a cordial break between the two when she said that her side of the story doesn’t matter.

With a romantic video of himself and the actress, Xxssive has now put an end to the speculations.

Further more, it was also noticed that the entertainer is already following the movie star.