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“I Just Say I Should Come N Do Tatata Small And Come Back” Actress Tawa Ajisefini Says As She Heads Back To The USA


Yoruba actress Tawa Ajisefini recently shared a video on her Instagram page to announce her return to the United States of America. She expressed her love for her fans but revealed that their persistent issues had made her stay in Nigeria less enjoyable.

Tawa Ajisefini explained that her original intention was to visit Nigeria briefly and perform Tata Small before returning to the USA.

In her Instagram post, she greeted the United States with enthusiasm and humor, acknowledging the challenges posed by her devoted fans. She also expressed her longing for Nigeria and anticipated reuniting with her fans in the near future.

Additionally, Tawa Ajisefini extended her gratitude to the producers and actors who offered her job opportunities during her stay in Nigeria, thanking them for the privilege of working with them.

In summary, Tawa Ajisefini’s video and message signify her return to the USA and her desire to continue entertaining her fans while expressing gratitude to those who collaborated with her during her visit to Nigeria.

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