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LG Electronics unveils revolutionary home appliances tailored for Nigerian lifestyles


LG Electronics (LG), a pioneer in home appliances, is delighted to introduce a range of cutting-edge products designed to enhance the daily lives of Nigerian consumers. Embracing the essence of hygiene, comfort, efficiency, and a sustainable lifestyle, our new line of home appliances brings together advanced technology and thoughtful design. From a state-of-the-art Styler to an energy-efficient WashTower, each item is crafted to elevate the overall home experience.

Nigeria, with its vibrant and dynamic lifestyle, deserves appliances that complement its spirit. LG Electronics is proud to be at the forefront of delivering products that align with the preferences and requirements of Nigerian households.

“We have planned to launch our new home appliances product in Nigeria this year with quality washing machines and dryers as well as other latest home appliances, providing solutions that cater to the diverse and dynamic needs of our customers,” says Brian Kang, General Manager, Home Appliances, LG Electronics, West African Operations.

LG WashTower

LG is introducing its newest laundry solution to an audience that is eager for a higher level of convenience when it comes to housework. A washing machine and dryer combined in a single unit with LG’s latest technologies and smart features, LG WashTower offers total clothing care and ultimate user convenience. This innovative new home appliance will be available in Nigeria in March this year.
Unlike competing stacked washers and dryers, LG’s WashTower is designed from the ground up as a “one body” solution. At the beginning of the wash cycle, the integrated unit indicates how long it will take to complete both washing and drying. The washer also shares information with the dryer, which automatically sets the optimal course and preheats the drum, contributing to better results and shorter overall laundry times.

For the unique design of WashTower, LG designers went to great lengths to ensure maximum ease-of-use. Unlike a stackable washer and dryer where each appliance has its own control panel, the WashTower boasts the convenience of a single, intuitive interface. Located between the washer and dryer for easy access, the all-in-one Center Control makes it simple to manage every aspect of LG’s complete laundry solution.

With the height of LG WashTower approximately 87 millimeters lower than the average combined height of stackable units, loading and unloading the top-mounted dryer is measurably easier. WashTower doesn’t scrimp on capacity, with a maximum load of 17 kilograms for the washer and 16 kilograms for the dryer.

LG Styler


LG Electronics has unveiled its advanced, new LG Styler clothing care solution at CES 2024. Incorporating a handheld, high-pressure steamer, the Dynamic Moving Hanger™ and Dual TrueSteam™ technology, the latest Styler delivers faster and more effective clothes-refreshing cycles with improved drying, dehumidification, and de-wrinkling performance.

A first for the LG Styler lineup, the new model features a handheld, high-pressure steamer that makes it easier to remove wrinkles from shirts and other garments and saves the hassle of having to use a separate iron. Users can simply hang their wrinkled clothes inside the door, take out the steamer attached to the bottom of the Styler, and initiate the steam process with the press of a button. The steamer employs powerful, high-pressure steam to penetrate garments, leaving them smooth and soft, significantly reducing the need for ironing. Moreover, the compact size of the high-pressure handy steamer enhances convenience and allows for easy storage inside the Styler.

Implementing the exclusive Dynamic Moving Hanger system, LG Styler can provide tailored care for various types of garments and fabrics. Unlike its predecessor – the Moving Hanger, which simply moved side-to-side for dust removal – the new system provides delicate and powerful garment care. It boasts enhanced dust removal, deodorization, drying and wrinkle mitigation with a twisting motion, a rotating mechanism.

A key feature of the new Styler is LG’s Dual TrueSteam technology. Instead of a single heater, Dual TrueSteam employs two heaters to boil water and generate steam, allowing for more precise control of the steam spray’s volume and strength.

Innovative Tumbler Washer, LG Mycup

Also unveiled at CES 2024 is the innovative tumbler washer, LG mycup. This unique cleaning solution features state-of-the-art technology to enhance the daily hygiene of tumbler users, while its sophisticated design embodies LG’s commitment to environmental sustainability. With the increasing number of eco-conscious consumers using tumblers, LG Mycup simplifies the cleaning process and encourages the regular use of reusable cups and tumblers.

This practical washer lets users clean one tumbler at a time by simply placing it inside and selecting from two cleaning courses – Quick Wash and Extra Wash – through the LG Mycup app. The cleaning process is then conveniently displayed on the upper display panel to let users check the wash status and receive an app notification when the cycle is complete.

Both courses utilize a 65-degree Celsius hot water cycle to ensure thorough and sanitary cleaning. By employing bubble jet technology, the Quick Wash course cleans the inside of the tumbler in just 30 seconds. For thorough cleaning and drying for harder-to-clean residues like dairy, the Extra Wash course utilizes an integrated air-drying design to clean and gently dry the tumbler with a multi-directional water jet and powerful hot air.

Designed to take up minimal space, LG Mycup’s slim and compact design maximizes space utilization without compromising performance.

As part of LG’s ESG commitment, Better Life for All, the innovative tumbler washer incorporates eco-conscious technologies from LG dishwashers to save water. For example, LG’s Bubble-Jet technology significantly reduces water usage while maintaining exceptional cleanliness standards. What’s more, LG Mycup aims to encourage more people to use tumblers as a way of living a low-carbon lifestyle that reduces disposable cup waste.

For more information, visit https://www.lg.com/africa/washer-dryers and https://www.lgnewsroom.com/tag/ces2024/

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