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Renowned Journalist Olusegun Adeniyi Commends Innovations in Lagos Water Transportation

A veteran journalist, writer, and former presidential spokesman, Olusegun Adeniyi, recently visited the Lagos Waterways Monitoring and Data Management Centre ( Control Room) of the Lagos Waterways Authority (LASWA) at the Falomo Jetty.

During his visit, Adeniyi witnessed firsthand the innovations and success of water transportation in Lagos under LASWA’s supervision.

Accompanied by LASWA’s General Manager, Damilola Emmanuel, Adeniyi observed real-time activities along the entire stretch of the Lagos Lagoon, from Ikorodu to Badagry. Impressed by the technological advancements and operational efficiency, Adeniyi highlighted the potential of water transportation to alleviate traffic congestion in Lagos.

Furthermore, Adeniyi had the opportunity to experience the latest venture in boat building by Caverton Offshore Support Group, led by CEO Bode Makanjuola.

Makanjuola showcased a 40-passenger Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) ferry, constructed locally at their Badore, Lagos Jetty. Adeniyi expressed admiration for the luxurious features of the ferry, including USB charging points, radio channels, and space for television.

Speaking on the importance of private sector investment, Makanjuola outlined ambitious plans to expand the fleet to include security, cargo, fishing, and leisure boats. He emphasized the commitment to international standards and cutting-edge technology in boat construction, reflecting a dedication to exceeding industry benchmarks.

Adeniyi noted the potential of water transportation as a viable alternative to navigating Lagos’ notorious road traffic. He underscored the need for substantial investment, particularly from the private sector in collaboration with the Lagos State government, to fully leverage the benefits of water transportation.

The award winning author commended LASWA’s efforts in fostering innovation and efficiency in Lagos’ water transportation sector.

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