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Tems Denies ATL Jacob’s claims of refusing to clear “wait for u” sample for Drake


Nigerian singer-songwriter, Tems, has vehemently denied ATL Jacob’s recent claims that she initially refused to clear the prominent sample of her song “Higher” for Drake’s chart-topping hit, “Wait For U.”

In a clip from The Baller Alert Show shared on social media, producer ATL Jacob alleged that Tems initially declined to grant clearance for the sample until Future intervened and persuaded Drake to encourage her to do so. Jacob further stated that during their first meeting at the Grammys last year, where “Wait For U” earned an award, he sensed Tems’ apparent irritation towards the song.

He expressed his interest in collaborating with her but provided no details about her response to his proposal. However, Tems swiftly dismissed these claims as “a big lie” in a Tik-Tok video that has been circulating online. She also denied any knowledge of Drake’s involvement in the song.

Tems’ manager, Donawon, has also called out ATL Jacob for what they perceive as false statements regarding Future’s 2022 track. Jacob recently appeared on the Baller Alert podcast to discuss the origins of “Wait For U,” which samples a live rendition of Tems’ 2020 song performed on Genius’ Open Mic series.

Tems and her manager are accusing ATL Jacob of repeatedly lying, claiming that the Nigerian singer-songwriter was hesitant to clear the sample for “Wait For U.” Awoniyi, Tems’ manager, reiterated their stance that the producer’s statements were untrue, stating, “We cleared the record immediately. We received no call from Drake, and there was no such conversation at the Grammys. Tems won’t respond to you, but I will address this.”

In conclusion, Tems firmly denies ATL Jacob’s assertions that she initially refused to clear the sample for “Wait For U,” featuring Drake and Future. Her manager has also refuted the producer’s claims, stating that none of the alleged interactions, such as the sample clearance refusal, Drake’s involvement, or the Grammy conversation, ever occurred. These allegations have sparked discussions on various social media platforms, with Tems and her team standing by their position and asserting the truth of the matter.

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