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Thrillers Travels secures jobs for 50 in Canada



Thrillers Travels, a travel company, has announced that it has presented 50 persons with Canadian work visas signalling the beginning of the fulfilment of the company’s promise to empower a new set of Nigerians with work visas to Canada and Europe.

The presentation of visas took place at the company’s headquarters recently in Lekki, Lagos.

It would be recalled that Thrillers Travels had earlier empowered 1000 beneficiaries with work visas to Canada through its Thrillers Empowerment Scheme.

According to the statement, 50 out of 106 people who got their VISAs last week in Lagos joined in September 2023 when Thrillers Travels unveiled its operation as a business in Nigeria.


The Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Thrillers Travels, Dr Moses Adebisi, said “Unlike other travel companies in Nigeria, Thrillers Travels is aimed at ensuring that Nigerians gain the necessary knowledge in other counties and return to rebuild the country.

“We are an empowerment platform, and the vision is not about money but national development. We believe that exposure plays a critical factor in national development therefore, we believe that when Nigerians travel to other parts of the world, they should be able to return and build the country based on what they have learned in other environments.”