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Tinubu rebuffs co-ordinated PR attacks aimed at undermining reforms


O’tega Ogra, the Senior Special Adviser to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Digital Media and New Media, has addressed the wave of coordinated public relations campaigns targeting the Nigerian government’s ongoing economic reforms.

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Ogra identified these efforts as both local and international and suggested that they intended to create panic among the investing public, with the hope of derailing the administration’s crucial reforms.

Referencing President Tinubu’s past remarks, Ogra acknowledged that vested interests tend to resist reforms that ultimately benefit Nigerians.

He wrote, “In the past week, I have been seeing coordinated PR campaigns locally and internationally aimed at causing panic amongst the investing public and intended to spook the administration into dropping its reforms and economic cleanse that Nigeria sorely needs.

“As Mr. President @officialABAT has said on some occasions, vested interests will fight back when reforms that are ultimately beneficial to Nigerians are carried out.

“One thing is for sure, though: President Tinubu will stay the course of reforms whilst growing and protecting our commonwealth. In the end, such hard decisions and reforms benefit all stakeholders – Nigerians, immigrants, foreigners, partners, the business community, and investors alike.”

He then stressed the administration’s resolve to weed out corruption in Nigeria.

“No sacred cows. That’s the message!” he emphasised.

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