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UK organisation mentors Nigerian leaders on successful transformation

The United Kingdom based leadership development organisation, TEXEM UK, has completed a four – day programme in London for some Nigerian leaders

The leaders include very senior executives from Central Bank of Nigeria, E-Tranzact, Galaxy Backbone, Bilaad Realty, Nigerian Customs, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank and Zenith Pension.

Speaking on the programme, the Nigerian born founder of TEXEM UK, Dr Alim Abubakre, said its theme was “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes”.

Abubakre said there is need for chief executives in private and public sectors to lead positive transformations of their organisations during times that are turbulent in the business environment.

“In the flux of disruption, we find the catalyst for transformation,” he said.

Speaking further, Abubakre said the four-day programme which took place at Hilton London Olympia, transcended traditional learning, immersing the CEOs in a dynamic blend of activities “The programme was meticulously designed to shape strategy, optimize performance, unlock value, instill an innovative culture, and achieve sustainable success in both the government and private sectors,” he said.

Abubakre said part of the programme design was to take participants out to organisations that have excelled in the management of their activities during turbulent periods to serve as practical case studies.

Towards this end, the journey of the Nigerian senior executives began with a visit to the Royal Airforce Museum, setting an extraordinary tone that echoed the programme’s commitment to excellence.

The tour was led by Dr Harry Raffal, Head of Research & Collections and Nick Brown, Head of Finance, who emphasised how the UK’s Royal Airforce Strategy has evolved and key lessons.

Thereafter, to facilitate team bonding, participants experienced a 4D cinema which simulated a key Royal Airforce Mission.

Later at the Boardroom, Marguerite Jenkin, Director, Finance and Resources shared critical insights on how they have navigated the turbulent external environment.

Particularly, Jenkin shared critical insights with the TEXEM participants into her decision-making process around financial planning, risk management, and capital structure decisions.

She also shared valuable insights into how she helped the Royal Airforce Museum achieve financial success and sustainability of the organisation in these dire times.

The participants also visited the hallowed grounds of Arsenal Football Club, where Perry Groves, an Arsenal legend-who won two titles as a player of Arsenal, graciously welcomed them.

Groves inspired the TEXEM participants into his experience as a player and working with diverse coaches, lessons around leadership that he has learnt as a player and plenipotentiary.

Noteworthy was the master class led by Prof. John Peters, a luminary in transformational leadership and former prisoner of war who was tortured by Iraqi forces during captivity.

Peter’s insights, drawn from a rich tapestry of experiences, illuminated the path for leaders navigating change.

Prof. Rodria Laline, a beacon of academia and practice, leveraged TEXEM’s proven and tested methodology while delving into Governance, Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, enriching the minds of participants.

The grand finale with Prof. Paul Griffith, a trailblazer in both management and space exploration, was nothing short of spectacular.

The emphasis on Change Management, Organisational Culture, and hands-on workshops reinforced TEXEM UK’s dedication to practical skills for real-world implementation.

This programme depicts TEXEM UK’s ability to seamlessly blend academia; real-world experiences, games, peer-to-peer learning and interactive methodologies.

These TEXEM methodologies have created a blueprint for executive development that goes beyond the conventional.

Delegates were not just spectators but active contributors to their own learning journey, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to the transformative process.

Testimonials reverberated with praise for the extraordinary faculty.

Kayode Awolu, MD/CEO of Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank Plc. lauded the “tremendous faculty combination and TEXEM’s impactful methodology” .

On the other hand, Niyi Toluwalope, CEO of eTranzact Group, hailed the programme as “engaging” with “top-notch professors, founders, innovators, and creative experts”.

According to Abubakre, as the echoes of “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes” resonate, TEXEM UK’s unwavering commitment to excellence in executive development sets a new standard.

“The program not only imparts skills but ignites a spark for continuous growth and innovation.

“By seamlessly blending academia, real-world experiences, and interactive methodologies, TEXEM UK creates a transformative blueprint for executive development.

“In a world in constant evolution, TEXEM UK’s forward-thinking approach ensures leaders not only adapt but thrive,” he said.

TEXEM UK’s visionary program, ‘Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes,’ not only equips leaders with essential skills but sparks an enduring flame for growth and innovation.

Through a masterful blend of academia, real-world experiences, and interactive methodologies, TEXEM UK crafts a strategic roadmap for executive development that transcends mere adaptation.

It propels leaders to thrive in the dynamic evolution of our world.

This thoughtful approach not only transforms individuals but also catalyzes positive change, fostering leaders who not only succeed but inspire beneficial transformations in their organizations and beyond.

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